(From J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings; Sindarin/Elven [more-cris't] n. darkness cleaver, cleaver of darkness)

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Pics of me and my girls.

Monday, October 19, 2020

THREE years later this time, lol!

And the slack continues....

Sunday, November 12, 2017
I'm not even going to comment on it....

But I've started a new version of this blog. Trying WordPress again.

Hopefully I can keep it up! Lord willing!

Oh! And my elven wife has her own now, too:

Thursday, May 26, 2016's been a year...and I've gotten smarter.

Heck yeah! Let's see what kind of damage I can do now....

Sunday, May 31, 2015
Not even going to address how long it's been. /cough

I finally got smart...I've given up trying to program something from scratch in c/c++ and have went with Unity. Oh my goodness. In the first several hours of working with it I was able to reproduce stuff that took me months from scratch. There's a small learning curve, but knowing c++ has worked out in one way: I pretty much already know how to c#. Heh.

Been working on getting a tiled map up and running. Finally got blending between tiles working yesterday.

No blending
Blending (0%)
                                            Blending No Blending

Blending (38%)
Blending (50%)
Blending (~75%)
No Blending No Blending No Blending

Next step is to add some wall tiles and see what they look like, then get a player on the map to walk around with basic Tile.IsWalkable() functionality. I really love that Unity comes with default water that looks really nice, and is animated. With like ZERO effort. I've honestly wasted many hours over the last several years googling for images I could use to make cool looking water. Heh. 

Oh, and I'm tentatively calling it Arisen. It'll end up being the usual Arisen: Blah Blah, but for now it's just Arisen.

Until next year!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I had gone with Word Press for a while, but oh well. I guess part of the reason I'm reverting is that I'm getting tons of nasty and/or advertising posts to the blog that I have to sift through. A whole lot.

So just bleh. Back to this way. Old school. :P

What's new? Colorado Road Trip II in 9 days, Lord willing. Just me and my girls. You know what's FAIL? That I didn't ever upload any of my pics from Colorado Road Trip I last June. Derp.

What else? Restarted the roguelike. Working on the server. Gonna' nail down client/server communication before I do anything else, then back to adding features.

Proposed Super Basic Starter Feature List ( PSBSFL):

  1. A big fixed sized graphically tiled (because I *HATE* ascii) map. Like maybe 1024x1024. As opposed to a more realistic streaming huge world map because, well it's Version 1. With LOS (think Ultima 4/5).

  2. NPC towns (townies) and camps (baddies) that spawn waves of aggressors against each other. Or at least "patrols". That you can help or hinder. Or ignore!

  3. Working basic multiplayer. You can roam around on the map and fight NPCs together, or each other. I'm a huge fan of friendly fire, so yeah. You can join the baddies if you want. Which means I'll need...

  4. Two basic factions: Townies and Baddies. No they won't be called that. I like humor in games but come on, that's pushing it. So if you kill baddies or do things for townies you'll get faction rep for townies. Ditto for the baddies. This will allow you to talk/trade with the faction you're favored with. I wonder if that means you could actually be favored with BOTH...heh. As in going around doing favors for both sides without killing either. Yeah imagine that! A game where you can advance without killing everything that moves!

  5. While I'm a huge, Huge, HUGE proponent of Skill Based (as opposed to Level Based) rpg advancement systems I'm going to go with level based for this, Version 1. It's quicker, easier, etc.

  6. With that said I'm still going to be using a stat based system for your skills.  I think I'll keep it down to 4 stats: Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength. Heh heh but whatever. Always wanted to use those in a game. I'm the kinda' programmer who would use 10 stats (at least) if you'd let me, but I gotta' KISS on this one. Note to self: version 1, version 1, version 1....

  7. Dungeons. Gotta' have dungeons. Caves, whatever. Once cleared they won't randomly repopulate...unless! I think I'm going to designate say, the west side of the map for Townies and the east for Baddies. Every so often new NPCs will arrive of the appropriate faction from that direction. Call them "settlers". If a town/camp gets too populated then I think I'll spawn a group off from that settlement and make it wander to the nearest cave/dungeon which will then become their new base. And yeah, I'm going to at least model some basic kind of population increase. I probably won't do baby orcs and humans for Version 1 but I'm going to at least make it so a town/camp will spawn a new NPC every so often if there's are enough population there.

  8. Oh yeah. Player alterable maps. Like, you can build stuff and destroy stuff (buildings). Plant crops, make paths, chop down trees, mine stone and ore, etc. Not too much stuff for Version 1 but there's gonna' be some basic functionality dealing with this for sure.

That sounds good enough for now. At the rate I program (see below - heh) this oughta' keep me busy until 2018.

Take care!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Started working on a roguelike. What, isn't everyone?! :P

I'll add something to the forum soon to show my progress for anyone who's interested.

At my brother's prompting I've focused most of my initial efforts on multiplayer. I'm |-| close to having it allow you to connect multiple players to the server and walk around the map together, so I'm happy.

Here's a screenshot of the super basic client interface for now:

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Hello! Been a while.

Figured out I play too much. But you knew that.

Figured out rendering a minecraft like world is beyond me at this point. So I'm working on something much simpler... Asteroid Clone! Hee hee. I've got your ship in the middle, ENTER to spawn some rocks, space bar shoots, and basic [buggy] collision going.

At least it's progress. And Happy New Year.

Monday, March 28, 2011
Forgive me for I have sinned. It's been 4 months since my last post.

Yeah, I'm lame. Anyway. League of Legends lately, since I quit WoW Feb 15th. Speaking of which, it's actually been a relief not playing WoW. Thank God they maimed Feral or I'd probably still be playing....

Thursday, November 11, 2010
Happy Veteran's Day to all who've served. Well, and to all who haven't too!

In other news, have you noticed that I don't update that often...?

Monday, May 24, 2010
In other news, wow the economy here in America looks gloomy. Almost like, looking east across the Atlantic I see dark clouds coming to join our already darkening clouds. Whee. I think I'm overusing that word....

Friday, May 21, 2010
Trying to get a website going after all these years. It ain't gonna' look pretty, that's for sure. :P

As long as it's functional....